Tara Goble

buy me a boat lyrics When Tara was 13 years old she knew that she wanted to be a police officer and joined the Des Plaines Explorer program and before she knew it, at the age of 19, while still being an Explorer she was hired by Des Plaines as a Community Service Officer. Tara soon outgrew the Explorer program as well as being a CSO as her dreams had finally come true and she was welcomed with open arms as a full time sworn officer where she finished her career 28 years, 3 months, and 3 days later.
During Tara’s career, she always looked for bigger and better ways to serve the community, including being an advisor for the same Explorer program she was in for 16 years. Tara took a position teaching D.A.R.E. as part of the Crime Prevention Unit for 9 years, which Tara says this particular part of her journey was the most rewarding and that several of those students went on to pursue their own careers in law enforcement.

Meerssen Tara was never shy about volunteering for anything within the community, participating in as many events as she possibly could. Operation North Pole was one of the most special programs that she was, and hopefully will still be, able to participate in.

In retirement, Tara hopes to spend even more time with her family made up of her daughter/Adison, son/Brody, and husband/Dan. She will continue to enjoy the family movie nights as well as teaching Adison and Brody some secret family recipes including her famous lasagna (she won’t share them I already asked!) Tara will take a small break from working before pursuing part time employment and truly enjoy the meaning of retirement.

“It was a true pleasure serving the community for as long as I was able to. I will never forget the many many wonderful experiences I’ve had with not only my coworkers but the residents of Des Plaines as well. Thank you all for the support you have given the Police Department.”