Sgt. Adam Kavanaugh (Retired)

SGT. ADAM KAVANAUGH (RET) – Was a Sergeant with the St. Louis County Police Department, Special Investigations Unit.  Sgt. Kavanaugh retired from law enforcement in September 2021 with 29 years of experience.  Sgt. Kavanaugh (RET) was the Commander of the Eastern District of Missouri Human Trafficking Task Force for 8 years and Deputy Commander of the Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force for over 16 years.  Sgt. Kavanaugh (RET) was assigned as a task force officer with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) working in the area of human trafficking and internet crimes against children.  He worked in an undercover capacity for the St. Louis County Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) throughout his law enforcement career. Sgt. Kavanaugh (RET) supervised undercover officers for over 16 years and has trained thousands of law enforcement officers, medical professionals, and citizens in the area of child exploitation and human trafficking.

Sgt. Kavanaugh (RET) has received numerous awards for his years of service including Distinguished Service Awards from the Office of the United States Attorney for Eastern District of Missouri for his work with victims of Domestic Sex Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation.

Sgt. Kavanaugh (RET) since retirement has continued educating law enforcement, first responders, medical professionals, citizens and other professional organizations on sex trafficking and online child sexual exploitation.