Dave Molenda

cheap flights lyrics After almost 30 years of starting my own company and growing it to $10 million in annual sales before selling it, I realized that my passion was helping companies thrive by overcoming their natural tendencies to retreat, not talk about the hard stuff and spin their wheels on the wrong things. My current company, Positive Polarity, is a Midwest business coaching firm that acts as the opposing force against the easy way of doing business – the way it’s always been done – with a positive and encouraging approach.

My recent book, “”Growing On Purpose””, was an instant #1 Amazon Best Seller in three categories and will help strengthen your team and improve your customer’s experience!

My latest project, Positive Polarity Podcast has over 100 episodes! On this podcast, we discuss the intersection of business growth and personal growth. Each week we invite guests on that have found their passion in their business and together, we talk about how this looks in business and how successful the outcome actually can be!